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When I die, Dublin will be written on my heart - James Joyce

"Everybody knows, the world is full of stupid people..." ('Banditos', The Refreshments). Well, to tell the truth, I'm one of them. *grins* I mean, I'm not a moron or anything, but sometimes I just don't think things through.

For example, I agreed to help out a co-worker recently, typing up her short story. What was I thinking?, you might ask. Unfortunately, I can't use the oh-so-convenient excuse of being on crack, since I'm not. But I did it, and I've never been more sorry for anything in my life.

It's not that the story was bad. Okay, no, that's exactly what it was. It was something that I would have written in third grade. A princess story, with herself as the main character, unsuccessfully blending comtemporary clothing and language styles with a story about King Arthur and Lancelot, and the Three Musketeers. Don't ask.

Every other word was misspelled, sometimes so atrociously that I needed outside help to interpret it. The word 'throne' in particular was misspelled every single time it was used, which was frequently. Never once was it spelled correctly, or even the same way twice. Also, never once did she bother to use the 'h'. Hmm.

But enough whining. *shrugs* That's not why you're here. At least, I don't think it is. Why would you read this just to listen to me whine?

Anyway, I'm also a dork. Ask anyone, they'll be glad to tell you. Be forewarned: I embrace my dorkiness. Most likely, you'll be reading along, if you care that much about my life, and you'll stumble across something that just makes you groan. I'm fond of quoting movies and song lyrics, and I have the tendency to make some really bad puns. Don't say I didn't warn you.

I also like to babble, if you couldn't guess from reading this. So, if I get going about a subject I really like to talk about, or if I'm explaining my point of view, I'll keep going for a little while. My apologies in advance.

I love music and I love to sing. I have about 300 cds in my collection, ranging from punk to ska to death metal to rock to 80s to country to oldies to classical to opera. *shrugs* I'm eclectic, what can I say? I'm frequently singing along with my various cds, or the radio, or the music in my head. I don't really care that I tend to sing off-key about half the time, 'cause it's more fun that way. *grins*

Right now, I'm running on about four hours of sleep, so if this isn't coherent, I'll be changing it. Maybe. If I decide I'm not too lazy, at any rate.